i like music.

so i really like the acts associated with the elephant 6 recording company and i keep annoying my friends talking about it so i'm gonna annoy people on the internet about it so i'm gonna do them in the order that i listened to them.

in the aeroplane over the sea

yep i'm starting with the one, the only in the aeroplane over the sea.


WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOT TAKE!!! i really don't get this album. honestly, it isn't that good. this is just a glorified dream journal and i don't like it. i'll rank the songs

the olivia tremor control presents: singles and beyond

heyoooo this is my favorite E6 band, maybe favorite band full stop. this album is really fricking good, and i think it's severely underrated


so this is some of their earliest works and i actually really like it. here's my top 10 songs! (worst to best)

so the songs are from their first 2 eps, and some other things that were out of print. they are really good and everyone should listen to them.

music from the unrealized film script: dusk at cubist castle

hey look it's more olivia tremor control! this is their debut album and it's about as good as it gets with debut albums. this one is a whirlwind of beatle-esque psychedelia, but it still has plenty of new and innovative ideas. i give this one a


while i enjoy black foliage more (we'll get to that in a bit), i think this is still a fantastic and crazy pop album that i love. the first (and admittedly easier to listen to) half is a wonderful beatle-like pop fest and there isn't a single song in there that i don't love. side three is dedicated to "the green typewriters suite" which is partially more abstract pop and partially sheer psychadelic noise. the fourth side opens with spring succeeds and theme for a very delicious grand piano and closes with the gravity car and nyc-25, but unfortunately, i can smell the leaves and dusk at cubist castle are what i'd say are this albums weakest offerings. my favorite songs are spring succeeds, marking time and courtyard. the weird psychedelic oddities didn't bother me very much, but i'd say they are my least favorite songs on this album. these songs are straight bangers, and if you were to listen to any E6 album, you should listen to this one.

are you sleepy?

this one is the gerbils debut, and it's a chaotic fuzzy mess. i love it


this one opens up with sunshine soul, which is probably the weakest song on this album, but that's not saying much considering how great this album is. glue is the obvious hit with this album, but i'd have to say that pretty much every other song on this album is better than it (besides wet host and sunshine soul) my personal favorites are grin, lead and crayon box. now, my placement of this album over dusk at cubist castle really shows how great this album is.

Fun Trick Noisemaker

so this one is good but like tone soul evolution is just this album but better in every way


this one is pretty good, just forgettable. narrarator is weirdly asthetically pleasing to me, and tidal wave is really good but gets boring the more i listen to it. my favorite song on this album is glowworm or green machine. other stand outs are winter must be cold or high tide. i like this one but tone soul evolution is a better album in every way.

seniors and juniors

this one is by Marshmallow Coast (or M Coast i've seen it both ways) and even if the audio quality isn't good (which is fixed in super seniors and juniors [it's remake] which is better)


this one is okay but i like this one enough. i think everything else that Marshmallow Coast has released is a bit better (especially Memory Girl).

satanic panic in the attic

of Montreal's only good album (don't kill me) is so good it hurts.


we'll be right back

when your hearstrings break

this might be the best pop album ever made. i'm not even joking, this album is trancendantly good.


this album opens up with score from augusta, a straight BANGER, followed by sunday under glass, another banger, then matter vs. space a straight banger as well. then we have emma blowgun's last stand. i'm fairly certain this is the perfect song. just overall. next we have calm go to the wild seas, i think this is the weakest offering here, not to it's discredit though, i'm just not really a flute guy. ballad of the lonely argonaut is a great song that barely repeats itself, and everytime i listen to it it feels fresh. comrades twenty sixth is great and nice. the aristocratic swells is nice and spicy my dudes and dudettes. silverado days is slow and introspective and really good. warmer is just flat out an intensely good song. if we can land a man on the moon, surely i can win your heart is also great. i love horns and this has plenty. orchstrated pop is pretty good but not my favorite. i assure you, this album is criminally short, and you need to listen to it. it brings me such happiness and if i were to only listen to one album for the rest of my life, this would be the one.

a future history of a sunshine fix

so the popular opinion is that circulatory system is better, but i love the sunshine fix. i think that bill doss was one of the best songwriters of all time.